Hey this is Dr. Nick from Quintessential Chiropractic in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Being in a car accident is scary. Most of us consider ourselves lucky if we escape unharmed. I talk to people all the time who tell me they were in an auto accident and have no injuries. This may be true if you were traveling less than 3 MPH , and so was what ever you hit. Think of it this way. Your body was designed for a max speed of approximately 4-5 MPH. Hitting your head at that speed can and often does knock you out. Your head is roughly the weight of a bowling ball. That bowling ball is sitting on top of a stick (your neck) once the car stops suddenly, your head keeps traveling in whatever direction it was already heading. Your muscles cannot react fast enough to undo this.. When one of my patients says car accident, no injury, I ask how fast was the combined speed of the vehicles, if its over 10 MPH, guaranteed muscle injury, probable skeletal injury. Many of these folks say it happened years ago, I can tell them what their x-rays will look like before we take them, I ask them to point out where the damage is when looking at their own x-rays, they almost always can, because it is that obvious. If you get in a car wreck, go see a chiropractor! www.portsmouthchiro.com

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