Chiropractic care is beneficial during pregnancy for both the unborn baby and the mother. At Quintessential Chiropractic, our chiropractor provides natural techniques to alleviate pain during pregnancy, including the Webster technique. We serve Rye, Portsmouth, and Kittery, NH. Our team uses a variety of techniques to meet the needs of each patient.

What Is the Webster Technique?

The Webster technique includes gentle chiropractic adjustments that are meant to align the pelvis. The technique also entails relaxing soft tissue in the muscle groups around this area. It allows your pelvis to function seamlessly and efficiently during pregnancy. The Webster technique decreases the mild tissue tension leading to uterine torsion. Reducing the soft tissue tension provides a better environment for the unborn baby to move and grow. The Webster technique is also known to offer relief for sciatic pains and lower back pain, which is common in pregnant women.

How It Works

Our expert chiropractor will first perform a thorough physical examination to look for any misalignments in the lower half of the body. We will ensure that you are healthy and that the Webster technique is safe for you. We use a special table to ensure that you are comfortable. Most pregnant patients want to rest on their bellies, but with support from a pregnancy pillow, which is adjustable to create more room.

The adjustments begin with the pelvis and sacrum. Our chiropractor can adjust your spine using an activator tool to give greater accuracy and reduce the soreness after the procedure. We can also perform soft tissue manipulation to release tension in the muscles. Our chiropractor will ask you to turn onto your back so that we can assess your pubic bone. We will look for misalignments and increased tenderness on either side of the body. Another aspect of the Webster technique aims to reduce the tension in hip flexors and round ligaments that might cause uterine or pelvic torsion and give the mother some discomfort.

Webster Technique History

The founder of this technique is Dr. Larry Webster, who is also the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association founder. This expert chiropractor founded the Webster technique as a safe and effective way to restore pelvic function and balance. Initially, his research aimed at correcting sacral misalignment to ease pregnancy and childbirth.

It also worked to help breech babies reposition themselves with their heads down. Today, we use the technique to alleviate hip pain, back pain, heartburn, and even sciatica in pregnant individuals.

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At Quintessential Chiropractic, we are committed to helping pregnant women have healthy, pain-free experiences. Serving Rye, Portsmouth, and Kittery, NH, our chiropractor provides the Webster technique as a natural alternative to other treatments. We will guide you through it and answer any questions you have before beginning. Call us today at (603) 433-2333 to schedule an appointment or to learn more.