Our team at Quintessential Chiropractic in Portsmouth, NH , can help you identify the cause of your sinus woes, create a plan for long-lasting relief, and make changes to remove external sinus threats if possible. Also servicing the Rye and Kittery areas, our team is ready to solve personal, local, and general sinus issues that come from your lifestyle, work area, or the environment.

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Here are a few sinus and allergy concepts to keep in mind as you work toward a fix.

Sinus Problems and Allergies

While sinus issues and allergies are two different things, one of the more obvious connections is the trauma dealt to your sinuses during an allergy attack. Inflammation from seasonal allergies can lead to lasting effects.

People with allergies often have complex, secondary sinus infections, often categorized under sinusitis, that add extra misery even when the allergic response clears up. You may not have severe enough allergies to warrant allergy meds, but if you notice frequent “head colds” or other slight sickness during allergy seasons, you could have mild allergies that simply make life worse exponentially.

Home, Work, and General Lifestyle Changes

The unique way that your sinuses have developed as you get older could have something to do with your sinus issues. Thankfully, testing the theory is simple. Our chiropractor can look into lifestyle changes that involve better filters for your home’s air conditioning or heating system, remedies such as local honey to acclimate yourself to local pollen culture, or nasal washes to see if the problem goes away.

Inspecting your home could reveal many other issues. For example, changing filters could lead to finding mold. Black mold is an extreme and dangerous result, but there are other, subtler mold and growth problems that could affect your sinuses.

Chiropractors can give you advice on lifestyle changes that clean away and mitigate future problems that invade your sinuses and direct you to professionals who can make major, permanent changes to your home. If it’s a workplace problem, our chiropractor can document the effects of the problem to show to your employer, a health agency, your lawyer, or others who can resolve the issue.

Contact our team at Quintessential Chiropractic team of the Rye, Kittery, and Porstmouth, NH, areas to discuss other ways to recover from devastating, often confusing sinus troubles.