There are many ways that chiropractic care can provide natural relief from whatever pain or discomfort a patient is experiencing. However, most people do not realize the benefits our infra-red sauna has to offer. When you come to Quintessential Chiropractic, we offer this form of treatment combined with other chiropractic therapies to help you reduce pain and improve your range of motion again. If you’re in the Portsmouth, Rye, Kittery, or surrounding areas, we’re here to provide you with the right kind of help you need on your journey to better health.

What Is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna immerses you in infrared light, which helps with pain management, skincare, and a number of other health issues. For chiropractic patients, it’s important to give this technology a try and see how much of a difference it can make in helping to feel better than before. This treatment is used in conjunction with other services that increase the range of motion and reduce pain. When coupled with other types of chiropractic treatment, infrared sauna treatment works to lessen pain and enhance the comfort levels in patients.

How Does Sauna Treatment Help?

One of the main goals of treatment from our chiropractor is pain relief. That’s the focus of infrared sauna treatment, since it offers the opportunity to help heal joints, muscles, and other parts of the body. The healing effects of this treatment have been seen in many patients, and it’s also often used in sports medicine. With infrared sauna options as part of chiropractic care, it’s possible to get a stronger level of pain relief for long-term wellness.

How Quintessential Chiropractic’s Infrared Sauna Can Help

Our infrared sauna is effective for treating pain, but it also helps patients improve circulation and cell health, boost their immunity, reduce blood pressure, and can even help with weight loss. Regardless of the severity of your condition, our infrared sauna helps manage pain or discomfort naturally. After a thorough assessment of your condition, our chiropractor will decide whether or not infrared sauna treatment is right for you. Our chiropractor helps patients relieve pain and prevent it from reoccurring in the future to ensure optimal wellness throughout daily life.

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There’s no reason to settle for less than quality care when you need help. If you’re in the Portsmouth, Kittery, or Rye areas, Quintessential Chiropractic can help you get the care you need for a better recovery. With options for infrared sauna and other types of treatment, you’ll soon be on your way to better health. Reach out to us today, and let us work with you for quality pain relief. Contact our team today at (603) 433-2333 to learn more about what our office has to offer.